Aerial Photography

  1. Construction
    Survey land prior to breaking ground and track progression through all phase of construction.
  2. Agriculture
    Survey crops and land
  3. Leisure
    Have pictures taken from above just because!
  4. Real Estate
    Showcase properties for buyers from a unique perspective. Buyers can get a feel for the location and surroundings of their future home
    Real Estate
As outlined above there are numerous uses for Aerial Photography, and they keep growing as technology progresses.  Aerial photographs/video are subject to weather and location considerations.
Basic Aerial Photo Package:
  • 5-10 still high definition photographs
  • Images made available through drop box
  • Price:  $100.00
Premium Aerial photo package:
  • 5-10 still high definition photographs
  • Up to 5 minutes of 4k/1080p Video Footage
  • Images/Video made available through drop box
  • Price:  $150.00
All other enedeavors will be priced on a case by case basis.